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Welcome, Sea Safari Andenes is now Whale2Sea - Whalewatching in the arctic - all year round!

Orcas and winter in Norway! Does this sound appealing to you? How about the opportunity to snorkel with them? What about the thrill of encountering the majestic Humpback, Fin and Sperm whales by day followed by the wonderful Northern Lights? Or do you prefer the summer and the luxury of the midnight sun? The possibility to go whale watching and bird watching at Bleiksøya, one of the largest bird cliffs in Northern Norway with plentiful Puffins and White-tailed eagles.

Make a reservation to do an amazing Whale Watching or Bird Watching trip in the Arctic with Sea Safari Andenes (Norway)!

- Responsible Wild Life Watching - Guidelines - Experienced Crew - Small Groups and Less Sea Sickness -

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Andenes - the perfect place for Whalewatching in Norway

Andenes  is conveniently located in the north of the Vesterålen islands just adjacent to the "Bleik-canyon" - a deep-sea canyon at the edge of the continental shelf which is occupied by a variety of whale species the whole year-round. In just 15 - 50 minutes we can reach the whales with our RIB Boats to see up-close these intriguing animals. In order to find the whales, we actively collaborate with local marine researchers including the Norwegian Orca Survey. We also perform daily searches for whales from our local Andenes lighthouse. Through our ability to network we can accurately identify which whale species are within our proximity at any given time.

Bleiksøya und Forøy Bird watching at Bleiksøya and Forøya bird-cliffs

Only a few kilometers from Andenes we have the prestigious bird-cliffs of Bleiksøya and Forøya, renowned in Norway for their diverse and rich birdlife. Aside from many thousands of nesting Puffins, there is also the ability to see White-tailed Eagles, Shags, Guillemots, Razorbills, Gulls, and beautiful Gannets.

We invite you to spend an unforgettable time in Andenes (Norway) and experience arctic wildlife up-close and at its best.