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Join our bird safari trips to watch  white tailed eagles, gannets and   puffins  among other from our RIB! if you are lucky, we might also encounter  harbour seals, harbour porpoises, otters or minks . During the trip we stop by Bleiksøy, one of the most famous bird colonies in Norway, with about 75.000 pairs of nesting  puffins, auks and guillemots . Our next stop will be Forøy, where we will meet a colony of nesting  gannets, seagulls and cormorants .

Before going on sea we give a short presentation about the birds and safety. After the trip we offer coffee and tea as well as the opportunity to learn more about the species you have encountered on the trip. Our experienced and dedicated crew will explain information before, during and after the trip. We follow our code of conduct when we approach birds.

Our trips are weather dependent and it is therefore wise to add an extra day or two to your stay in case the wind conditions prevents us from going out on sea .  Contact us  for more info!

The trips last around 1,5 hours. Daily departures from May-August. NEW! In Addition we offer midnight bird watching at 22:00 o'clock on specific dates. The trip lasts around 2 hours.

Summer Snorkelling with Puffins

Sea Safari Andenes offers snorkelling with Puffins in the summer from may until mid august. In this period hundred thousands of Puffins come to breed and hedge to Bleiksoya. Which makes it one of the most important bird cliffs of Northern-Norway. Bleiksoya is situated next to the Bleikscanyon, a high productive deep sea canyon which attracts a lot of birds and whales.

Puffins are very good swimmers and divers and almost as skilled as Penguins under water. In the shallow waters off Bleiskoya with its sandy bottom and crystal clear waters you can now enjoy a underwater view of the emblematic Puffins. Which is unique in Norway. Because of our winter Orca snorkel program we do have the necessary equipment and know-how of what it takes to snorkel in arctic conditions.

You will snorkel in a dry suite which keeps you dry and warm in the arctic waters. The water temperature oscillates around 10 degree celsius. We operate in a respectull manner and distance to the Bleiksoya bird sanctuary.

How we do bird watching

  1. Arrival: Please be at at SeaSafari Brygga (office and guesthouse) 30 minutes prior to departure (60 minutes for snorkelling!).
  2. Reception: Check-in and informative introduction about birds and the sea as well as a safety briefing. When necessary, information is given in different languages (English, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Spanish).
  3. Getting ready for the sea: We provide a thermo-floatation suite and a life vest which is mandatory, Please, wear warm and comfortable woolen or fleece clothes and water proof boots.
  4. Boarding: Toghether we go to the boats, just next to the reception.
  5. Tour: Off we go! When we approach the birds we do operate very respectfully in their proximity.
  6. Bird watching tours last between 1,5 and take place from May to August (weather-dependent).
  7. Back on land: From the harbour we go back to the reception where we change and enjoy some coffee and tea, and during our trip summary you can get more information on the whales you just watched.

For the bird watching trips, we provide

  • Water-repellent thermo flotation suite
  • Life-vest

We recommend to wear

  • warm mide-layer (e.g. fleece)
  • comofortable cloths
  • warm jumper
  • beani and gloves
  • warm, waterproof shoes/boots
  • (warm underwear, sport clothes or wet suite if you want to snorkel)

Duration: 1,5 hours

Max.passenger number: 12/boat

Prices guided bird watching
Kr. 550,- pr pers
Kr. 450,- pr pers
Familiy 2 Adults and 2 Child up to 12
Kr. 1600,- pr gang
Optional Summer Snorkelling Adult
Kr. 950 ,- pr pers
Midnight Bird Trip Adult
Kr. 695,- pr pers
Midnight Bird Trip Student/Children
Kr. 550,- pr pers