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Northern lights Andenes

Northern Lights and Northern Light Photography

Andenes – Northern lights – and Arctic wildlife at its best!

If you are looking for genuine Arctic experiences, wildlife like whale watching, eagles, and Northern lights and all that surrounded by a stunning coastal and fjord landscape, then Andenes is the place to come to.
Between October and March, the days are very short here in Andenes, north of the polar circle, and there is a period, from the end of November until middle January when the sun does not make it over the horizon. But these are short days of spectacular lights, particularly for photographers. It is not the dark period but the colorful period.
And the most famous lights are, of course, the Northern Lights. We are situated just underneath the Northern light oval, the area where the aurora is visible. And on Andøya, away from city lights and mass tourism you can enjoy them, when the sky is clear, already from end of August (!) until the beginning of April.

What does it take to get Northern lights?

Sun–Solar storm – Atmosphere (ozone and nitrogen) – Earth's magnetic field – Dark and clear sky.

What do you need to take Northern light pictures?

Warm shoes and cloth – a tripod for your camera – Coffee – Patience and a camera (preferably not a mobile phone, even though some mobile phones can capture Northern lights).

Northern Light photography workshop

If you want to learn more, join our evening Northern light photography workshop at Sea Safari Brygga in Andenes. We provide you with more information, help you with your camera settings and tell you more about this beautiful Northern lights. And, if the sky is clear, wejust head out to the pier and put our new knowledge into practice. Of course, weare also happy to help you with your whale pictures! Marten Bril, your host and passionate nature and wildlife photographer gives the presentation. A first glimpse of his pictures you get here on our website pictures.

Northern lights Photography
Photo Workshop Presentation at Sea Safari Brygga and practice 1,5 hours
Kr. 250,- pr pers

Andøya offers more opportunities for Northern light watching. Off the beaten tracks, you can enjoy the Aurora even better than in other places (also it is not so cold here).

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