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The ocean off Andenes is very productive and attracts many different species of baleen and toothed whales! In the summer we watch mainly Sperm whales but Orcas and Pilot whales are also inclined to make an appearance. The winter months offer a lot of Orcas, Humpbacks, and Fin whales which follow the herring into the Fjord next to Andenes. Therefore, Andenes is an outstanding location for superior all-season whale watching.

All-Year Whale watching Andenes with Sea Safari

- Responsible Whale Watching - Guidelines - Experienced Crew - Small Groups and Less Sea Sickness -

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Join us on a beautiful whale-watching safari in Andenes and experience these impressive animals at close range. On our whale watching trips, we travel by ocean-going RIB vessels (Rigid Inflatable Boat), similar to those used for sea rescue and scientific expeditions. Such boats help to reduce the risk of being sea-sick compared with other more conventional whale watching vessels. With them, we can effectively explore a wider area allowing us to find the whales in a fast and safe manner. Through good networking and the flexibility of small groups (max. 12 passengers), our boats assure you a long observation time!

Enjoy all of the whale species that Andenes has to offer during the different seasons of the year! Experience an exhilarating trip aboard one of our RIB boats and take photographs of these amazing animals up close!

The Whale Watching Experience

Before we go out to sea, there will be a short introductory talk about the area of Andenes, safety at sea, and of course, the whales. Our experienced crew will then provide you with further information while on the boat and are always willing to answer whatever questions you may have. We have a multi-lingual team and so if necessary, we can arrange to deliver such information in English, Norwegian, German, Spanish, and Dutch.  We adhere to our code of conduct when approaching the whales to prioritize their safety and wellbeing at all times. Once the trip is over you will be welcomed back to dry land with fresh bread and soup as well as hot tea and coffee in our cozy "Sea Safari Brygga". During this time we aim to provide a concise trip summary with the possibility to learn even more about the whales, with particular reference to the species you have seen.

Whale watching is weather-dependent.

Please be aware that our whale watching tours are always weather-dependent and factors such as high waves and low visibility can impact our ability to find whales. For this reason, we highly recommend that you allow for some flexibility during your stay. By adding just one or two additional days to your visit can help you to better avoid disappointment during such circumstances.

The Sea Safari Crew

Our aim is to spend as much time as possible with the whales on each trip. Therefore, we do our best to find the whales before we even go out at sea. To do this we have a lookout present at the top of our red Andene's lighthouse. Here we can search for whales that are up to 25 km from land with the use of high-power binoculars. In addition to this, we actively collaborate with local researchers such as the Norwegian Orca Survey to enhance our whale sightings. Therefore, we are lucky to encounter whales on an estimated 98% of our trips.

Our boats can bring you to the whales in a fast and safe manner. Book a whale watching tour now in Andenes, Norway.