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Midnight sun trips

The most common whale species off Andenes are male Sperm whales. Up to 20 meters long and 60 tons heavy they are the largest toothed whales on the planet. Now it is possible to combine whales and midnight sun with a visit to one of Northern Norway's most important bird cliffs, Bleiksøya. There you will see thousands of Puffins, White-tailed eagles, and other species under the midnight sun. Have your camera ready to capture this spectacle of nature.

Combined midnight sun trip: Whales and birds.

Our midnight sun trips take place between the end of May and the end of July and are weather-dependent. It is a combined whale and bird watching tour and is offered on specific dates if the weather conditions allow for and last about 4 hours. Contact us for more information and read the FAQs.

The procedure of a combined midnight-sun bird and whale watching trip

  1. Arrival: Please be at Sea Safari Brygga (reception and guesthouse) 30 minutes prior to departure.
  2. Reception: Check-in and informative introduction about whales and the sea as well as a safety briefing. When necessary, information is given in different languages (English, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Spanish).
  3. Getting ready for the sea: We provide a thermo-floatation suit and a life-vest which is mandatory. Please, wear warm and comfortable woolen or fleece clothes and waterproof boots.
  4. Boarding: Together we go to the boats, just next to the reception.
  5. Tour: Off we go! Depending on where the whales are, we drive between 15 - 50 minutes to their position. When we approach the whales we do operate very respectfully in their proximity, following our code of conduct for whale watching.
  6. The tours last appr. 4 hours and take place from the end of May to the end of July  (weather-dependent). Please, contact us beforehand for whale watching in October and April.

For the whale watching trips, we provide

  • Water-repellent thermal flotation suit
  • Life-vest

We recommend wearing

  • warm middle-layer (e.g. fleece)
  • comfortable clothes
  • warm jumper
  • beanie and gloves
  • warm, waterproof shoes/boots

Duration: approx. 4 hours

Max. Passenger number: 12/boat

Prices combined guided whale and bird watching midnightsun trip
Kr. 1650,- pr pers
Kr. 1450,- pr pers
Child (12-17)
Kr. 1250,- pr pers